Company History

June 2006

Austin Granite Direct is founded by Jose Berbel with an initial investment of $1,000.

In the first three months of operations, the company is run from the back of a pick-up truck and the granite slabs are delivered to different competitors willing to cut the materials for a fee.

The following months, operations are out of the backyard of a mobile home in Southeast Austin. Because of a lack of resources and equipment, the granite is cut manually with a hand saw and the slabs are handled with a rented bulldozer. Jose and a group of 5 workers still manage to reach almost $1 million in revenue in the first year after installing over 18,000 square feet of granite.

July 2007

Austin Granite Direct signs a facility lease agreement for a 5,000 square feet facility at the 5214 Burleson Road location (Austin Industrial Park). The company stays in that location for the following 8 years. Trent Thompson is hired as the first office employee for the role of Sales/Project Manager.

December 2008

The economy enters a full recession and home building in Austin practically stops. Austin Granite Direct experiences some serious difficulties after two of its larger home builder customers default on their payments simultaneously in the same month. In spite of these difficulties the company manages to continue growing and preserving all the jobs for all the employees.

February 2009

Austin Granite Direct is awarded a contract to provide granite for all the rooms at the Keith Ware Holiday Inn Express in Fort Hood. The project is successfully completed in December of 2009.

January 2010

Austin Granite Direct becomes the first fabricator in Austin serving the retail market that stocks its own inventory of granite colors. The selection is limited to the five most basic and inexpensive colors.

October 2013

After years of fast revenue growth, Austin Granite Direct outgrows the facility. Large granite pieces overflow into the parking lot, and as a result, friction started to develop with the landlord, the Fire Marshal, and the neighbors. It was time to move to a much bigger building. Austin Granite Direct signs a new lease and moves to our current location at 6600 Burleson Road.

October 2014

Austin Granite Direct is named to the Austin Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal for the first time.

November 2014

One of Austin Granite Direct’s kitchen projects is featured in the November edition of Southern Living Magazine as a result of the Builder of the year Award received by our customer Henley Homes.

January 2015

Austin Granite Direct remodels the current facility to accommodate for a retail showroom where customers can stop by and make their selections.

March 2015

Austin Granite Direct purchases its current facility from the landlord.

October 2015

Austin Granite Direct is named to the Austin Fastest 50 Growing Companies in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal for the second year in a row.

April 2016

The material inventory at Austin Granite Direct reaches 30 different color selections, including marbles, quartzites, calcites, granites, and engineered stones.