Step by Step Guide

  1. Initial Contact - Call AGD or visit AGD Showroom.

    Once you are ready to purchase kitchen and/or vanity countertops feel free to contact us either in person or over the phone to inquire for information. At this time, our staff can assist you in scheduling a free, no obligation in-home estimate so we can take the field measurements to determine the amount surface area of your countertops.

  2. Material Selection

    • From AGD Collection - Natural Stones and Quartz (Engineered Stone)

      AGD keeps an inventory selection of about 25 different colors of marbles, granites, and quartz. The pricing for each color is clearly marked. The cost for any inventory item is fixed per sqft basis. Check the link Our Collection to view AGD current inventory available.

    • Custom Colors - Natural Stones and Quartz (Engineered Stone)

      AGD wants to ensure all of our customers have the option to select custom materials that we do not carry in inventory. There are several reputable granite and natural stone suppliers in the Austin area. AGD will work with all the suppliers in the Austin area to purchase and have your custom selected slabs delivered. AGD has direct online access to the inventory some of our preferred suppliers where customers can view and even hold any available slabs. Selecting a custom color is a customer option and implies that the pricing structure will be different from that of the AGD inventory slabs.The estimate for custom colors is broken into materials items and labor items and the charges for each are clearly differentiated.For the material costs, normally the customer is charged for the full value of the slabs needed to complete the project (with no mark-up). The labor cost for fabrication and installation is fixed per sqft basis and calculated from the actual field measurements of the countertop surface.

  3. Official estimate

    Once the color selections have been made by the customer, AGD can generate a written estimate after the exact surface area has been measured by an AGD representative.

  4. Scheduling Installations

    Once the estimate has been accepted and signed by the customer the office staff will assist you with the installation date